Hi. No, we are not talking about electricity outlets. Although, I’m sure that would cause a pretty heated debate. Haha. Wait, what? Any-who, today we will talk about how to relieve your stress, as that is something we all deal with, particularly in our teenage and early adult years. I think one great way to relieve stress is photography. I think that with photography, you can just let it all go. I feel like every click the camera makes is yet another breath you should release.

I think art is another great form of stress relief. With art, you can just have fun, and do whatever your heart desires.

Also, stress isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time, and it also takes a reason. So, instead of leaving it all bottled up, talk to someone about it. Wether it be a trusted teacher or a parent, a counselor or an aunt, a teammate or a best friend, just let it out. I hoped this post helped you. Tell me what your stress relief is in the comments.

Until Next Time, Vanilla 🙂


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